Shadow L4000 Preamp for Eclipse / £89.00

Shadow L4000 Preamp for Eclipse

Shadow Electronics L4000 preamp - for Faith Guitars. As used in Faith Eclipse (black) models during 2011.


This product is a listing for ONLY the preamp section, and does NOT include the undersaddle pickup or the output socket

This product is supplied only as a replacement part and is not in retail packaging and is not for resale.

Please check and compare images carefully before ordering this preamp, as this model is similar in appearance to the L4020HEX stereo preamp fitted to later models of Faith Eclipse guitars.

Price: £89.00
Ex Tax: £74.17

Product Code: FSPL4000

Availability: Out Of Stock

* Guitar Serial Number:

Your Faith Guitars serial number can be found on the sound hole label

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